Davido Reveals How He Signed His Artists

Davido reveals how he signed his artists

Nigerian singer Davido reveals how he signed his artists despite the doubts that followed… Read more


Davido reveals how he signed his artists. The Nigerian singer, record producer and performer popularly known as Davido/OBO. Has revealed the strange way he signed his artists into his record label DMW. The singer who recently signed two new talents Morravey and Logos Olori into this record label said it was done in a weird way.


According to Davido, “I signed all my artists in weird ways. With Morravey I was scrolling through TikTok at like 3 am and I stumbled upon this girl who did an amazing cover of a song. I had to find out who she was, so I scrolled through the comments and eventually found her”.


“Although at first, she was hesitant because she thought I wanted to kidnap get, but I face-timed her. To show her that I was serious and it was me Davido and am about making her a star”.

Davido reveals how he signed his artists

Davido further revealed that Morravey’s mother wasn’t too keen on her pursuing music. But he spoke to her and convinced her to give her daughter a chance which she eventually agreed to. And she got signed into DMW and even though she initially wasn’t going to be in the album, Davido disclosed that he included her because she is just really talented. And it’s obvious Davido has just discovered the next big Star!

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