Davido Makes Room For Young Jonn In Upcoming Music

Davido makes room for young Jonn

Going against his statement, Davido makes room for Young Jonn in upcoming music


Davido makes room for young Jonn in upcoming music project. Speaking in a recent interview with @CoolFm, Nigerian talented artist Young Jonn made some shocking revelations. According to the talented singer he and Davido have a couple of records together.


Meanwhile Davido had previously stated that he won’t be featuring any more artist this year. But it seems he decided to make room for Young Jonn for not just one but a couple of songs together. And on when to expect it, is still undecided but it’s coming soon as revealed by young Jonn but he can’t reveal the exact date.


Since Davido’s return, the singer has been dropping hits non stop with his latest album TIMELESS. So having Young Jonn on a song with Davido is definitely going to be jam. As Young Jonn is also one talented artist who has collaborated with multiple artist.


Many fans are anticipating the joint project, just as they are surprised Davido make exceptions for young Jonn. But Davido being who he is isn’t much of a surprise because he’s all about lifting others, as it’s the only way to rise as well. Do you think it’s a good call collaborating with Young Jonn?.


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