Can’t Wait To See Israel- Davido Missing His Hype Man

Davido can't wait to see his aide

Davido can’t wait to see his aide, he revealed he’s missing his personal hype man in a recent tweet


Davido can’t wait to see his aide. Israel who takes every opportunity to sing Davido’s Praises has finally been acknowledged by the singer. In a recent tweet made by David via his verified Twitter account the singer admitted to missing Israel. And he can’t wait to hear the praises Israel will shower on him in his usual nature. “Can’t wait to see Israel when I get home … d hailing no go be here #timeless”

Is Davido missing his aide Isreal?

The bromance which has lasted for quite so long is beautiful. As they’ve both shown support for each other in many cases. Indeed, Davido won’t be disappointed because Israel goes over and beyond when it comes to praising Davido whom he refers to as boss.


Davido also graced Israel’s wedding some time ago, amidst his busy schedule and an excited Israel couldn’t believe Davido showed up. Davido’s tweet has also sparked anticipation for Israel’s praises from fans and it seems like everyone is also expecting to see Israel’s reaction to seeing OBO. Isreal has currently become the symbol of loyalty and friendship, Davido’s fans praised him for loving their idol.


Below are a few reactions to Davido’s tweet;

@Chuma: “I’m so happy to have this fun side of Davido back! May your joy be consistent and Timeless”

@Dr Nonsky: “Get you a friend like Israel”

@gylliananthonette: “Isreal is the real definition of loyalty… He shows that they’re still loyal people in the world”

@nnenna_blinks: “Loyalty will always be greater than love to me and this man has proven it. He’s loyal to Davido and he adores their friendship. And in all of this, he also knows his place”

@seleye: “You can’t buy this kind of LOVE. LOYALTY OR RESPECT. You earn it”

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