Davido Asked To Freestyle Using Children’s Book

Everyone knows me and Wizkid were the first young artists

Davido asked to freestyle using children’s book. His talent was put to test and fans reacts


Davido asked to freestyle using children’s book. The Nigerian singer and multiple award winner Davido who is also the an all time owner of the most streamed album TIMELESSNESS. Besides his successful album, is also one of Davido’s most loved and supported project of a Nigerian artist.


Since the release of his album, the singer who went ghost on his fans or better still took a break from social media. Returned with the most anticipated album of all time, which eventually became a huge success. The singer also revealed that the TIMELESS album is his highest grossing album of his career.


While on a promotional interview abroad, the singer came under fire for insinuating that he takes advantage of his fan club. Inorder to get his way with stuff, siting an example of when he used them to to teach a promoter a lesson. As well as when a bouncer refused him from entering the club.


Meanwhile the singer was put on the spot to freestyle using a children’s book to test his talent. And fans had so much to say following Davido’s delivery. While some praised him for adding humour to it others saw through it calling him talentless. And asking that he quit music as a whole. Watch the video and drop your comments.

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