Daniel Regha Sl@ms Those Applauding Iyanya For Lusting After A Female Fan

Daniel Regha sl@ms those applauding Iyanya

Daniel Regha sl@ms those applauding Iyanya for lusting after someone’s girlfriend


Daniel Regha sl@ms those applauding Iyanya for lusting after a fan. Following Iyanya’s recent tweet calling out a fan, he met during Davido’s TIMELESS concert in Lagos. According to the singer, the beautiful girl was distracting him with her eyes, making him almost lose control.


He later took to Twitter to address and ask her to reach out if she was the one. Because he forgot to look for her after the show, he decided to use social media platforms to search for her. Although many saw the singer’s action as being sweet and nice, some think it was disrespectful.


A popular critic Daniel Regha addressed Iyanya’s action as disrespectful to the lady’s boyfriend or partner. According to Daniel, Iyanya’s action proves that he doesn’t have self-control. Then for the people applauding his action, he described it as lustful and nothing else. Adding that being a celebrity doesn’t give you the right to openly seek someone’s partner out.


Daniel tweeted, “Iyanya is lusting after a lady he saw at Davido’s concert, & people are applauding like it’s a dignified thing; This may seem like cruise, but it’s a big disrespect to the lady plus her partner (if she’s in a relationship). It also proves that Iyanya doesn’t have self-control”

Daniel Regha sl@ms those applauding Iyanya

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