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Popular South African Amapiano Artist Costa Twitch Passes On

Costa Twitch passes on, the South African artist has sadly passed on after a shocking incident on stage


Costa Twitch passes on. The South African singer Costa Twitch has reportedly passed on to the world beyond after collapsing on stage. While performing on stage, the singer lost balance during his performance before eventually f@inting which ended in his d3ath.


The 27 years old South African singer, reportedly had a seizure and fainted on stage. He was performing at the Ultra Music concert at the Expo center in Nasrec, Johannesburg on the 11th of March. Costa had earlier shared a poster of the show on his social media page advertising the event.  Few hours before the unfortunate incident occurred.


Costa Twitch is the second South African artist that has d!ed this year after AKA passed a month ago. As a result of a drive-through shooting from an unknown person on the 10th of February. The Rapper (AKA) shared his location as he was having dinner with a few friends and yours later was k!lled. His funeral rites have taken place and the rapper has been laid to rest.


Meanwhile, Costa’s situation has been linked to a drug overdose resulting in his sudden demise. Nothing has been confirmed yet and an autopsy is yet to be carried out. Costa came into the industry as a dancer and later delved into music and became a rapper/singer. He was recently got signed into Akon’s Record Label and unfortunately met his untimely de@th.  RIP Costa, you’re a legend, you’ve left your prints in people’s hearts.

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