Chris Brown Flings A Fan’s Phone Away While On Stage

Chris Brown flings phone

Chris Brown flings phone, the terrific singer Chris Brown has made headlines once again for flinging a distracted fan’s phone away


Chris Brown flings phone away. American artist and sensational singer Chris Brown is a popular RnB singer and talented dancer also known as Breezy. The singer has been in the music industry for quite a long time and has maintained his relevance. He has released multiple hit songs and won countless awards including a Grammy.


The controversial singer was in a romantic relationship with Rihanna years ago but the relationship ended. The grounds of abuse were physical which the singer later went to jail for. Although he and Rihanna have mended their differences and all has been forgiven. After then he has gone on to release multiple hit songs such as ‘Under the influence’. Which has claimed the number-one spot on most music charts.


Chris Brown is currently trending on the basis of flinging a fan’s phone while on stage. The fan who was brought up on stage to be given a lap dance was obviously distracted by her phone. While multiple efforts to keep her focused on the stage failed, Chris collected her phone and flung it into the crowd. To the utter surprise of the girl and everyone in the crowd.


Some fans have reacted to the video and below are their takes;

@Iyanuosho: “I love it, how can someone like Chris Brown be performing like that with you and you’re pressing your phone… Very rude… He will replace it but serves her right”

@i_am_ericmani: “Person lie down, lick ground, do like earth worm for you. You still no give am attention”

@teeh_lyfstyle: “Her boyfriend must be really proud. She look the least interested”

@amazu: “How much is the phone. If she agreed to come on stage, pressing phone should be the last thing. It’s a performance”

@Oshadipetwins: “Best believe that was part of the show. They rehearsed that to actually make you think what y’all are thinking now”

@malv_cuisine: “Maybe she was shy and was using it as a distraction”

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