Chef Dammy Set To Dethrone Chef Hilda With 150 Hours Cook-a-thon

Chef Dammy set to dethrone chef Hilda with 150 hours cook-a-thon

In a recent interview chef Dammy Set to Dethrone Chef Hilda with 150 hours cook-a-thon with a statement to back it up


Chef Dammy set to dethrone chef Hilda with 150 hours cook-a-thon. Nigerian upcoming chef Dammy who embarked on a 120 cook-a-ton without following due process with Guinness World Record procedures. Has come out with a statement stating that this is time around she will be doing everything differently and would be cooking for 150 hours.


Dammy who’s from Ekiti state Nigeria, received backlash for attempting to break Hilda’s record. While she’s yet to be confirmed by GWR. Many criticized her actions and when Hilda was announced the new record holder, she retracted her statement. Saying she was just cooking for the sake is it because she loves to cook.


Meanwhile, 22-year-old chef Dammy has stated that she’s determined to break Hilda’s record with a 150 hours cook-a-ton. She said “I know the question surrounding the minds of many people offline and online, is what’s next for chef Dammy. After the 120 hours cook-a-ton, what will become of chef Dammy after the world have known her and she had been put in the spotlight”


“Well chef Dammy open to exploration, I’m open to new opportunities and new experiences in life. Now that the world knows what I’m capable of doing. I think it’s high time everyone started giving me a chance to explore in diverse ways and capabilities. Finally I know there has been many speculations about me not registering this just concluded cooking. But my team and I have decided to embark on this new challenge next month”


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“After the support I received from fans and well wishers and many highly notable individuals in the society. I Adeparusi Damilola popularly known as chef Dammy and my team have decided to hold another cook-a-ton programme next month. This time, it will be held for 150 hours and it will be fully registered with Guinness World Records. Chef Dammy is coming back.” She said.

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