Cattles And Sheep Are Easy To Control Than Nigerians- Ex- President Buhari To Nigerians

Cattles and sheep are easy to control than Nigerians

During the inaugural dinner, Ex-president Mohammadu Buhari stated that cattles and sheep are easy to control than Nigerians


Cattles and sheep are easy to control than Nigerians. The former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in his final speech during the inauguration dinner made a statement. Which had left the citizens of Nigerian in shock, having ruled for two tenure making a total of 8 years. Commander in chief of the arm forces, Buhari described what it was like ruling the Nigerian people.


According to him, Nigerians are the most difficult to control and adding that cattles and sheep are easy to rule than Nigerians. Since his statement, citizens have reacted to the ex-president’s speech and they’ve expressed missed reactions.


Despite being president for two tenure, the Ex-president has continually stated that Nigerian progressed under his reign. And that his government left the country better than what they had when they came in.


Below are few of netizens reaction following Buhari’s speech.

@ekwitos: “Baba na you hard pass and you know it”

@omalichawa_: “Is his work to control the citizens or execute the law of the nation?”

@nabajideedges1: “Personal ambition satisfied at the detriment of millions. Rinse and repeat”

@soberdrunk8: “Happy to miss you sir, don’t be a toxic ex…”

@jountiz: “Nothing sweet me this year reach that Ex wey dey attach to him name. Peace from one Baba to another”

@virtuegrace: “very condescending human being, may God forgive you”

@leonize44: “Imagine what a president of a country is saying… And the unfortunate crowd are clapping and laughing”


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