Cardi B Reacts As Husband Accus3s Her Of Ch3ating

Cardi B reacts as husband accus3s her of ch3ating

American rapper Cardi B reacts as husband accus3s her of ch3ating on him with someone else and calls her out


Cardi B reacts as husband accus3s her of ch3ating. The talent rapper has reacted to the allegati0ns via her Twitter space where she went on and on about the situation. According to Cardi B, who broke out singing saying that he can’t ac¢use her of anything that he’s gui1t¥ of. Adding that Offset’s ann0yance is baseless, because she’s not who he’s painting her to be. Click to listen.


However, Cardi B expressed that even if she decided to ch3at as well it won’t be anyone who isn’t wealthy enough to take care of her needs. While reacting to Offset’s post “My Wife f#&ked a ni&ga on me g@ng. Y’all ni&ga know how I come”

Cardi B reacts as husband accus3s her of ch3ating









Meanwhile, Cardi B emphatically stated that if she were to div0rce her husband, she would be moving on to a more richer Man. Who would sp0il her with money and buy her things which she would flaunt online.


She further asked her fans to not pay attention to that country man referring to Offset, adding that she’s Cardi B. Which people forget sometimes and for that reason she can’t be c@ught doing certain things. Because then again people would talk, in a way addressing Offset’s alleg@ti0ns saying once she ch3ats the person would actually come out and spill.


Although couple have been on a roller coaster of ac¢usations, nothing has been finalized yet. Hopefully they both work things out, we’ll be on the look out on how things progress.

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