Cardi B Advices Ladies To Fight For Men

Cardi B advice ladies

American rapper Cardi B has a word of advice to all ladies

Cardi B advice ladies; American rapper and grammy award winner Cardi B is making headlines for her controversial

statement about fighting for a man, the talented rapper explained the statement in a video she posted via her social

media account.


Taking to her Twitter account, the American rapper first of all said that they shouldn’t drag her for what she

is about this say before dropping the bombshell. Cardi B is widely known for baring her thoughts without

hinderance, now the rapper has more to say on the topic of fighting for your man.


The sexy rapper in a video she posted a public service announcement insinuating that she has been seeing

some viral tweets where people reference her song where she said b!tches are also fighting for some d*ck too.


According to the singer  most people have called her out on it but this is what she has to say “if a b!tch go through

your purse and she steals some of your money, aren’t you going to fight for your money? So if a nigg@ is providing

all your needs and paying your bills and a b!tch come to take him away, won’t you fight for him too?


Watch the full video below

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