Burna Boy Tenders Apology To Fans

Burna Boy tenders apology

Burna Boy tenders apology; the Grammy award winner has released an official apology to his fan for making them wait for hours

Burna Boy tenders apology






















Burna Boy tenders apology; Nigerian Afrobeat talent and multiple award winner Damini Ogulu popularly known

as Burna boy has finally taken accountability and apologized to his fans for standing them up for hours.


The singer whose show was scheduled to start at 3pm had fans waiting for about 7 hours before kicking off.

When Burna boy finally came on stage to address the crowd he said that if not for one thing he won’t be here

because they’ve said a lot about him and his mom, he further stated that he heard some say he shot someone

at Cubana and that his mum danced for Fela but regardless he loves them and whoever don’t love him back

God will punish them.


The statement went viral and the singer received major backlash for addressing his fans who paid to watch him perform

instead of apologizing for keeping them waiting, he chose to dish insults to them.


The backlash seem to have gotten to the singer as he released a public statement apologizing to his Nigerian fans

who came out for his show, he also gave a detailed explanation to what happened which includes that the fault of the

delay was from the show organizers who didn’t have the proper infrastructure. The singer promised to build a state of

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art infrastructure with the help of willing sponsors to avoid cases like that. Read the complete apology below; 

Burna Boy tenders apology

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