Burna Boy Splashes $2000 Worth Of Camera For A Journalist In Paris

Burna boy buys $2000 camera for a journalist

Burna boy reportedly replaced a journalist’s camera worth $2000 dollar because she mistakenly broke hers while trying

to interview him

Burna boy buys $2000 camera for a journalist
















Burna boy buys $2000 camera for a journalist; Star singer, song writer and talented performer Burna

boy has received multiple accolades not just for being the first Nigerian artist to win a Grammy award,

but for his recent generosity. The singer reportedly gave out $2000 to a journalist in Paris. He has received

both criticism and praises for the gesture to the young lady who probably was just too excited to interview

Burna Boy.


The camera “Panasonic GH6″ is said to be worth over $2000. The journalist is an intern who was rushing to

get an interview with Burna Boy mistakenly broke her camera in the process, and noticing the turn of event,

Burna Boy told his financial accountant to give the Journalist some money to buy a new camera. Burna has

received both backlash and praises for his generosity but some people think the singer is being a hypocrite

cos if it were to be a Nigerian journalist, he won’t care to replace the camera as he did in Paris.


The Paris incident has sparked so many controversies and Burna Boy’s action has been criticized by some

and praised by others. The singer who is known to be straightforward has been attacked by a few who

thinks he cares more about his image outside the borders of Nigeria more than anything else.

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Below are a few takes from netizens as Burna boy buys $2000 camera for a journalist;

@MosesG: “Remove hate from your heart @burnaboy helps Nigerians as well, he has a foundation, he also assisted a girl

financially for her nose surgery but you won’t see those ones, rubbish”.

@Kas_drip: “To all of you bad mouthing him Like he said: If I do 99 good e go remain 1 ! You can’t please people”

@wizkidfcAbuja: “Hypocrisy at the highest level. If the young journalist was Nigerian, na match he go match am”

@LiftOffTv: “If na Nigeria here he go use him wembley play the journalist join. Hypocrisy at its highest level odogwu una”


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