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Burna Boy Reveals His Sister’s Age During Her Birthday Celebration

Burna reveals his sister’s age, Odogwu of Africa during a slip of tongue moment revealed his sister’s age at her birthday party


Burna reveals his sister’s real age at her birthday party. The Nigerian singer popularly known as Burna Boy recently attended his sister’s birthday party. Where he declared her real age to everyone in attendance amidst shock from attendees. The singer who was unperturbed seem not to consider the embarrassment from his sister’s expression.


While anchoring the party, Burna was heard enquiring why she didn’t write her age on the cake and wrote (29+1) instead. He then proceeded to announce her real age, telling everyone in the audience that she’s 30 years old.


Fans have gone to react to the shocking news as it’s a norm for ladies to not disclose their age. They only announce it if they wish to. Burna boy putting his sister on the spot like that is considered a violation.


And announcing her age publicly has caused quite a stir online. Some people think Burna was being childish, while other think brothers are like that. And probably he did it to let those trying to date his sister know that she isn’t available for time-wasters. Regardless of his actions, it’s good to know Burna is family oriented and shows up for his sister.

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