Burna Boy Pens A Message To ‘You Know Who’

Burna Boy Pens a message to ‘you know who'

Burna Boy Pens a message to you know who, while fans are claiming it’s for Davido and Wizkid’s new found friendship…


Burna Boy Pens a message to you know who. Word on the street about Burna Boys‘ cryptic message of people who don’t like each other forming alliance just to get to you. In his words aiming at the blooming friendship between Wizkid and Davido. As many claim is clearly for the duo has gotten tongues wagging.


Burns Boy however took to his Snapchat to share a rather personal take which fans decode is for Wizkid and Davido’s friendship. He wrote “when people don’t like you, they will ride with anybody that is against you. They may not like them, but they both have one assignment…”


Although it’s unclear if Burna Boy is throwing jabs at the supposed friendship or probably thinking aloud. We recall both Burna Boy and Wizkid shared a public friendship and even a collaboration that many considered beautiful.


But lately the both of them seem not to be so close as they use to probably because of their schedule. But the strain in friendship has been noticed from both fan base. Which only intensifies the claim that Burnas’ write up is for Wizkid and Davido.


However since Davido unfortunately l0st his son. Upon his return to social media he mentioned names of colleagues that checked on him. And Wizkid was one of those people who constantly called him to know how he was doing, as revealed by Davido. Which could be the reason for the blossoming friendship between the two. Even if their fan bases never stop bantering.

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