Burna Boy Is Like Drake While Davido Is Kendrick Lamar In Terms Of How Big Both Of Them Are

Burna Boy is like Drake while Davido is Kendrick Lamar

According to an ongoing debate, Burna Boy is like while Davido is Kendrick Lamar in terms of how big both of them are…


Following an online debate between two of Nigerian biggest artist Burna Boy and Davido. Who have been likened to American rap artists Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In a conversation hosted by @DJ Akademiks who went into details of how both artists are seen abroad. Stating that Burna Boy is like Drake while Davido is Kendrick Lamar.


Although, according to them it’s a known fact the Davido came into the industry before Burna Boy. But it seems Burna has won the hearts of many fans abroad. Because to fans, he’s more relatable and and people feel more connected to his music than the rest.


Meanwhile, they stated “The beef going on is like Drake and Kendrick’s. Burna Boy is like Drake and Davido is like Kendrick. In terms of like how big both are in terms of like Nigerian Afrobeats scene. Of course Davido came before Burna but there’s a whole lot of dynamic where people are saying Burna Boy came over to the US and sold out”.


“You know like he’s signed to a label and that’s what’s kinda pushing him. Obviously we have to give credit to Wizkid and Davido, but in their case they broke in with a song. But Burna Boy kinda broke in with a movement, like in the sense that people know him and identify with him. Also there are other artists that are trying to break through as well like Tems, and we love Tems over here” he added.

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It’s seems to be a never ending debate, between Davido and Burna Boy on who is more relevant. Now they’re being compared to American biggest rappers. Are they right to say Burna Boy is Drake while, Davido is Kendrick Lamar? Share your thoughts…


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