Burna Boy Is Currently Getting Dr4gged By Black Americans For Sampling Their Songs

Burna Boy is currently getting dr4gged by Black Americans for Sampling their songs

Burna Boy is currently getting dr4gged by black Americans for Sampling their songs all the time…


Burna Boy is currently getting dr4gged by Black Americans for Sampling their songs. While, the Nigerian born artiste and Grammy award winner has been the topic of discussion. By some black American community for always sampling their songs.


According to the group, they claim the singer shines through their song and won’t have gotten much recognition. Besides, If he wasn’t sampling their biggest artists in the likes of Brandy and Toni Braxton.


Meanwhile they also claim that Burna Boy has also admitted to it, because all his music samples only black American artists. Adding that the reason why he’s relevant is because he sample original songs from other artists.


However, the singer is currently receiving backlash from those who claim he isn’t being original. And that if he stops sampling black American artists, he won’t be able to get sold out shows as he’s getting at the moment.


Although many fans have come in defence of Burna Boy, and netizens are caught in a word b@ttle. Below are few of their takes;


@boynova00: “They’re just h@ting on him because he sold out the US stadium. It’s a very normal thing to sample music”

@monalisa.stephen: “Didn’t he pay for it? How many songs did he sample sef? This is very disre$pectful to a hard working talented person like Burna. All these talk is not necessary. Una go talk, Una go tire”

@samkul773: “Burna Boy sample all music and a legend for it. People don’t understand the talent it takes to even sample a song and make it a hit”

@cree.ai: “He can sample the whole world idc, as far as he’s topping charts and is still my fav artiste”

@darealezt_jamied: “First off we Black Americans do not think that & it was only two songs”


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