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Burna Boy Charges 1.2 Billion To Perform At Coachella

Burna boy charges 1.2 billion, his portfolio has had an upgrade since he won a Grammy award, and here’s what he charged at Coachella


Burna boy charges 1.2 billion. The Nigerian-born artist and self-proclaimed African Giant have set the bar higher once more with his current charge. The price change is a result of his numerous achievements and his Grammy win. He even said via a post at after the award ceremony that his charge is about to double up.


And to be true to his words, Burna boy has doubled his charges for performances. His recent charge that broke the internet was when he charged a whopping sum of 1.5 million Dollars. To perform at the upcoming Coachella event. Burna stated his price which the organizers took some time to deliberate on and have gotten back to him.


All parties have reached an agreement. while Burna is set to perform at the event after charging an equivalent of 1.2 billion Naira. He has done a couple of Coachella events but this time it would be the first of that price. Burna has set the standard so high that a lot of artists will be willing to perform for a lot less.


Knowing who he is and knowing the revenue It’s going to generate having him on stage is worth the price. Burna has built his brand to a level that he is now being sorted after by international shows. No wonder the singer isn’t settling for less and we’re all looking forward to seeing him perform at the event.

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