Burna And Wizkid Send Their Support To Hilda Baci

Burna Boy and Wizkid sends their support

Burna and Wizkid send their support, Following the news of Hilda’s Guinness World Record


Burna and Wizkid send their support. Two of the biggest Nigerian artists Burna Boy and Wizkid

have extended their support to the newest Guinness world record holder. The singers like many other celebrities

who trooped in to show support have added to the numerous list of supporters.


Wizkid took to her Instagram live session to drop some heart emojis for the Chef in support of her quest.

The singer who barely engages in social media trends of banter, surprises fans who saw him in the live

showing his support to Hilda.


Burna Boy on the other hand took to his Twitter account to praise the resilient Chef and show his support

as well. According to his post, he wrote “Go Hilda. We are rooting for you to break that record . And I trust

say the food go sweet die”.

Burna Boy and Wizkid sends their support


















Hilda has made Nigerians proud and they’re all proud to show their support. The 4 days cook-a-ton that

began on the 11th had people from different works of life come together to show her support. And she’s aiming

for the 100 hours mark. Regardless, Hilda has proven that the impossible is nothing once you’re determined to

push through the pain.

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