“Me Wey Dey Soak Garri Everyday Get Hope” – Reactions Trails as Blaqbonez Set to Release New Song “LIKE ICE SPICE” After Showing His Pack less chest

Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez has sent fans into a frenzy with the announcement of his upcoming song, “LIKE ICE SPICE,” set to be released this weekend. However, his recent controversial tweet and fans’ reactions have sparked a discussion about his PR image and well-being


Blaqbonez’s Exciting Announcement

Blaqbonez took to Twitter to reveal the title of his new song, “LIKE ICE SPICE,” scheduled for release this Friday. The announcement instantly captivated fans, who eagerly await the arrival of the track.

The Controversial Tweet

Amidst the anticipation for his new song, Blaqbonez found himself embroiled in controversy due to a tweet he shared. In the tweet, he wrote, “EMEKA MUST SHINE ✨,” alongside a picture of himself sporting a thin and dried-up appearance. This tweet raised various interpretations and sparked concerns among fans about his well-being and eating habits.

Fans Reactions As Blaqbonez Set to Release New Song “LIKE ICE SPICE”

Fans wasted no time expressing their thoughts and concerns regarding Blaqbonez’s tweet. Some fans suggested that he should incorporate regular workouts into his routine, while others playfully commented on his slim physique. There were even lighthearted remarks about his choice of jeans. However, amidst the banter, some fans empathized with his situation and appreciated the struggles he might face.

Here’s a tweet from one:

Fan reaction

The Impact of Collaboration

In recent times, Blaqbonez collaborated with fellow artist Ckay on the song “Hallelujah.” This collaboration has garnered immense success, resonating well with audiences and further solidifying Blaqbonez’s reputation as a talented artist. The track’s popularity adds to the anticipation surrounding his upcoming release.

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Conclusion On Blaqbonez “LIKE ICE SPICE”

Blaqbonez’s announcement of his new song, “LIKE ICE SPICE,” has generated excitement among fans. However, his controversial tweet has also sparked discussions about his PR image and well-being. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of his new track, the conversation surrounding his tweet serves as a reminder of the impact and scrutiny artists face in the public eye.


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