Blaqbonez Reveals He And Perliks Once Sh0t A Music Video For 50 Thousand Naira

Blaqbonez reveals he and Perliks once sh0t a music video for 50 thousand Naira

Blaqbonez reveals he and Perliks Once Sh0t a music Video for 50,000 Naira, which he reveals he h@tes watching to this day…


Blaqbonez reveals he and Perliks once sh0t a music video for 50 thousand Naira. The Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez also known Emeka the Stallion has revealed details of his little beginnings. Meanwhile, the versatile rapper in a sit down interview with Hiptv. Disclosed one of the videos he sh0t in his early days costs about 50,000 Naira which he hates watching.


According to the talented rapper, while watching some throw back videos of his career journey. Revealing that the same person that sh0t Kizz Daniel’s hit song ‘Gwagwalada’ and rest has sh0t a video for him for 50,000.


Speaking on the throw back video while chuckling he said. “The same guy that sh0t Gwagwalada and everything, this is his beginning. I sh0t this video with 50 thousand Naira. I h@ted the video, I never posted it but we dropped out on YouTube. I h@ted the video, the video was gr0ss but obviously we had no money, we had to make the best of the situation”.


While further stating how much he disliked watching it he also emphasized how they made do with what they had. Which is the story of most big artists who started small but are global now.


Watch Blaqbonez interview here

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