Blaqbonez Names His Celebrity Friends That Are Cheating In Their Relationships

Blaqbonez names his celebrity friends that are cheating

In a recent interview, Blaqbonez names his celebrity friends that are cheating currently in their relationship


Blaqbonez names his celebrity friends that are cheating in their relationship. Nigerian star rapper and talented performer Blaqbonez have decided to let the cat out of the bag by mentioning names of his celebrity friends that cheat. The singer who obliged in an interview when asked if he could name his celebrity friends that haven’t been faithful and he mentioned a few.


Although he gave a few names, when asked if mentioning their names was going to affect his friendship with his friends. He emphasized that he’s isn’t lying so there shouldn’t be issues unless they want to play on his intelligence. And moreover that’s part of reason he doesn’t believe in love because his friends aren’t faithful in their relationships.


In his words, “Superboy cheque, is my guy definitely cheating all day. My bro Yhemolee, I don’t have evidence but you can’t tell me that guy isn’t cheating”. Further stating when asked if his statement won’t make him lose them as friends, he said after mentioning their names again that they can’t tell him they aren’t cheating”.


Because that would be disrespecting him and the whole internet. To which the interviewer added her sincere condolences to the individuals dating these celebrity artists. What’s your take, do you believe in love?


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