Blaqbonez: “I’m a Better Video Director than TG Omori” [VIDEO]

Blaqbonez: "I'm a Better Video Director than TG Omori"

In a recent exclusive interview with Cool FM hosted by Tacha, Nigerian hip-hop artist Blaqbonez shared his thoughts on the Headies Awards’ Best Music Video category, where he was nominated alongside renowned video director TG Omori. Let’s delve into Blaqbonez’s confident response and his insights on creativity in the music industry.

The Headies Awards Nomination and Bants

As the interview progressed, Tacha raised the topic of the Headies Awards and the Best Music Video category, where Blaqbonez’s ‘Back in Uni’ video received a nomination alongside works by TG Omori. The atmosphere was lighthearted, and Tacha playfully inquired about the banter surrounding the nominations and the comparison between the two talented artists.

Blaqbonez’s passion for creativity and his artistic vision have driven him to venture into directing his own music

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Blaqbonez Claiming Superiority as a Video Director

Unfazed by the question, Blaqbonez confidently asserted that he is indeed a better video director than TG Omori. His response showcased his self-assured nature and unwavering determination to excel in any creative endeavor he takes on.

Blaqbonez Upcoming Project: “Ice Spice” Video

During the interview, Blaqbonez also hinted at an exciting upcoming project: the music video for his song “Ice Spice.”


Blaqbonez’s interview on Cool FM showcased his self-assuredness and his unwavering belief in his creative abilities. While some may view his claim of being a better video director than TG Omori as confident, it also speaks volumes about his determination to push the boundaries of creativity in the music industry.

See video below: 

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