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Blaqbonez Advises Nigerian Citizens During An Encounter With Security Agency

Blaqbonez advises Nigerian citizens, gave the advice to every Nigerian following an encounter with a law enforcement agency


Blaqbonez advises Nigerian citizens. The Nigerian artist and performer popularly known as Blaqbonez or Emeka the stallion has given a piece of viral advice to all Nigerians. During a stop and search with some law enforcement agencies, the singer took his Instagram story to advise law-abiding citizens. He advised everyone on how to handle such issues like that for better understanding.


In the Instagram post, Blaqbonez made a video where he was heard directing the uniformed men on where to search. He told them to ensure they thoroughly search all the necessary places to avoid missing contraband.


Law enforcement agencies have been an issue in Nigeria with some of them ass@ulting people in the disguise. There have been many reports of some of them bullying and extorting money from citizens. The singer who was stopped by some of these agents ensured he made a video where he helped them, the executive, with the search. And further advised others to follow suit to ensure a smoother process.


The stop and search are mandatory for all parties involved, regardless of who you are (celebrity or not). The main issue is the motive, when law enforcement agents carry out their duties without ulterior motives citizens won’t resist. But when other factors get involved, citizens tend to f!ght back for their rights.

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