Billionaire Music Mogul Paul O Offers 5 Million As Reward To Whoever Can Provide Information On Davido’s Tr0ll

Billionaire music Mogul Paul O offers 5 Million as reward

Billionaire music mogul Paul O offers 5 million as reward to whoever can provide information on Davido’s Tr0ll


Billionaire music Mogul Paul O offers 5 Million as reward to whoever can find Davido’s tr0ll. The music Mogul Paul O, who made the give offer shortly after an online Tr0ll made an Insensitive comment about Davido. His comments came shortly after Burna Boy’s concert in Netherlands, which he didn’t show up for. And those in attendance made several videos as proof.


The comment caught Davido’s attention to which he responded asking if he’s wishing d£@th on him. According to the tr0ll’s comment “Even Davido’s bur1äl that would be free can’t pack this crowd know your mate”. To which Davido replied “So you want me to d1e? Reason being? What have I personally done to you to have you wish d£@th on me… Anyways I’m not goin anywhere! I WILL LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!”.


However, the comment for lots of people’s attention and they called out the insensitive Tr0ll. Not long after, billionaire Music Executive Paul O offered the sum of 5 Million naira to whoever can provide useful information about the so called tr0ll. So he can come and explain his tweet and what he means by it.


Paul O’s tweet “@davido is good to find this guy!!! What is this??? I’m putting 5M!! To find this guy location!!! To just explain this tweet”. Like Paul O most people were rubbed the wrong way about the tweet. We will keep an eye out to see if he will be found.

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