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Bella Shmurda Disclosed Hustling For 6 Months With No Pay

Bella Shmurda disclosed hustling for 6 months and venturing into internet fraud but it didn’t pay him.

Then he got a revelation…

Bella Shmurda Disclosed Hustling For 6 Months























Bella Shmurda disclosed hustling for 6 months; the singer who also goes by Ynxg Alhaji

revealed how he embarked on different kinds of jobs to get money and one of them being

internet fraud. Music was still in the picture according to the singer but it hasn’t started paying

yet, adding to the fact that his mum wanted him to focus on school cos he was always chasing

music and studio sessions.


On an episode of @Teawithtaypod Bella Shmurda revealed how he  borrowed money from

Lati who is a close friend and bought a laptop in order to step up the y@hoo business he was into

at that time. The ‘Philo’ hit maker, disclosed that it got to a point where he decided to finally leave his

family house and moved in with a friend who goes by Lati. Prior to this, while  using his phone

for his side hustle he gets lucky and makes little cash like $100 to $200, only  to upgrade to

Laptop and for six months didn’t get a dime. He concluded that it was God passing a clear

message to him to focus on music and leave that lifestyle.  And with all that frustration he

got a free studio session and poured out his heart and that particular song became a hit.

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According to Bella “I leave the house, then I went to stay with my friend Lati, then I borrowed

money from Lati and I go and buy Lappy. I Hustled for 6 months, I didn’t get money. I felt

God was telling me something, that yo! You need to focus on this thing you’re doing cus

normal me even when I never buy Lappy, I dey collect small small $100 or $200 dollar but

when I come buy big Lappy wey I dey press, nothing come out. With the pain, I just get a small

studio session, free studio session and I just spoke my mind, and before I knew it gbas it enter!.

At the same time wey this thing dey happen Omotena tell me say she don get belle, my girlfriend

that time tell me say she don go get belle, Wey I no get house, you wan suffer the pikin”



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