Arya Starr’s Song Becomes An Exam Question in Kenya University

Arya Starr song becomes an exam question

Arya Starr’s song becomes an exam question, she has grown so much that her single is currently an exam question


Arya Starr’s song becomes an exam question. The beautiful Nigerian singer and Mavin signee Arya Starr, is a songwriter and performer. She’s currently signed under the Mavin Records label owned by music producer Don Jazzy. The singer is one of the top female artists in the Nigerian music industry making strides with her music.


The singer has multiple hit songs to get the name of which Rush made it beyond Nigerian borders to Kenya. Rush which recently certified gold in France has also made it to a Kenyan university as an exam question. Which has gotten Netizens talking.


Following the news, it goes to show how far Afrobeat has gone and the fact that Nigerian music is one of the best in Africa.  The students were shocked to see the ‘Rush’ Lyrics as one of their exam questions. But they have no choice but to attempt it all the same.


According to the student @Killua who posted it, and wrote. “Imagine this, you’ve studied the whole semester for a unit.  Depriving yourself of any form of entertainment even music and you walk into an exam room and this is what you see”.


Below are some of the online reactions following Arya Starr’s Song making it an exam question.

@Prev: “But this is a good way to test your ability to use what you have learned in class for a real-case scenario. Can you make sense of what you read or you are just lifting the notes”

@Mak’ Abungu: “All you need is an understanding of motivational theories and apply them to the case scenario. Your prior encounter with the song here is insignificant”

@Bob: “You know what per me, this is a valid assessment tool. It sets the candidate at ease by introducing a familiar concept. It makes the exam look easy while it’s not”

@Ade: “If the person actually studied as much as you said then this shouldn’t be complicated. The 1st question only tests the application of what you learnt. The rest are straightforward. But then again it’s easier said than done”

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