Arya Starr Told To Remove Lashes Before Collecting Passport

Arya Starr graduated at 18

The singer made a recent visit to the immigration office to collect but was told to do something that left her baffle

Arya Starr told to remove lashes








































Arya Starr told to remove lashes; Mavin star singer, Arya Starr during her trip to the immigration office

was criticized for her fashion and told to take off her lashes before she could take her passport. The singer

took to her Twitter page to share her experience and also stated that she will never forgive them for it.


According to the ‘Rush’ crooner, it can only be in Nigeria that the way you appear and what you put

on matters more than who you are as a person. She added a crying face emoji, to buttress her frustration

with what she was made to go through just to collect the passport that is fundamentally her right in the

first place.


She wrote “This passport office people really made me just remove my lashes ���

I’ll never forgive y’all”


It’s unsure if she was made to remove the lash for the verification process or on the basis of morals,

nonetheless, the singer wasn’t happy about any of it. In a related topic, Arya Starr’s fashion sense has

been criticized and talked about publicly. when she was asked in an interview what inspires her style,

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the singer stated that she dresses the way she does so as to give the coming generation something to

look forward to and be confident in who they are.


She revealed that while growing up, she hoped to see Nigerian artists dress like pop stars in different

colours and glitters but unfortunately, she never saw any of it so she’s taking it upon herself to be that

pop star for the younger generation.

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