“I Cover My Mum With The Bl00D Of J£sus”- Arya Starr

Arya Starr covers her mum

Arya Starr covers her mum, the superstar singer, and Mavin frontline act has made a declaration after a video of her mum surfaces


Arya Starr covers her mum. The Nigerian talented singer and Mavin signee Arya Starr have covered her mum after posting a video of her mum dancing. The beautiful singer shared a video her mum sent her of herself dancing to her recent song ‘Stability’. After fans saw the video, various comments sprang up that left the singer concerned for her beautiful mum.


The singer’s mum who has a striking resemblance with her daughter is for sure one beautiful woman. The mum who made a video to support her daughter’s music now has her own fan base. As many of Arya Starr’s fan has quite a lot of compliments for her. Below are some of their comments;

@Unclebigdreams: “Me stealing Ayra star mum from her dad with my charm”

@damzy: “Ahh I see where you got it from”

@Daniel Regha: “Ayra Starr ur mom looks lovely, glad she’s being supportive but hope u can also see how she’s decently dressed; That’s really dignifying. Emulate this cos ur fashion sense is n¤t impressive. The less one reveals, the classier the outfit. That said, best wishes to u & ur family”

@Provii: “And I wanted to Marry you ooo, well is your mom single?”

@Amber_Jay: “Pls tell your mom I want to take care of her..I want to take her to places she has never been before”

@Ogbeni: “Next time, Tag Mama Handle so we can say hi & Appreciate her for raising an awesome daughter like you”


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These thirsty comments had Arya Starr covering her beautiful mother with the Bl00D of J£sus. As fans have repeatedly asked her for her mum’s handle to go show her some love. Watch Arya Starr’s mum dance to her latest song ‘Stability’ below.

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