Who We Are:

We are a diverse team of developers driven by a passion for our art, united by our core values, and inspired by a culture of inclusivity to build amazing games that thrill players everywhere. We pursue growth and innovation in an environment of safety and trust. Our culture is built on the belief that the more varied voices in our collective will strengthen our team and our games. We are looking for our next teammate who will raise our bar and make us better.

What We Need:

  • Design, pitch, & hone ideas from concept stage forward. Examine desired player experience goals and introduce systems that help fulfill that experience.
  • Gather feedback from a variety of sources to determine the best steps forward.
  • Collaborate deeply with other disciplines. This role will touch on everything from animation to UI to sound and VFX, as well as working closely with core engineering teams.
  • Contribute to design discussions for all areas of design across the entire game.
  • Provide feedback on works in progress across all areas of the game based on daily playtesting.
  • Drive conversations and structure of a large feature with an emphasis on accessibility, intuitive usability, and multi-platform interaction.
  • Daily hands-on engine work to bring ideas to life.

Required Experience:

  • Strong passion for online multiplayer action games or user-generated content toolsets.
  • Experience with modern game engines (Unreal, Unity, etc.).
  • Experience with designing and building functional gameplay systems in a visual scripting tool (ala Unreal Blueprint) and/or code or code-style scripting languages (C/C++, Lua, etc).
  • Strong understanding of systematic design and ability to conceive and create complex but efficient systems in service of an amazing game experience.
  • Able to analyze and solve complex technical and design problems.
  • Ability to learn and ramp up on new tools and processes quickly.
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Relevant Experience:

  • Experience programming, both code & visual scripting (C++, C#, etc. | Blueprint, Kismet, etc.).
  • Experience in UI/UX implementation.
  • A passion for diversity & representation in games & game development.
  • A self-starter who can align with the team’s goals but isn’t hesitant to create solutions on their own.
  • Comfortable with rapid iteration based on feedback from many sources: peer review, data analytics, player surveys, etc. Capable of filtering large volumes of feedback into concrete and actionable improvements.
  • Ability to iterate & collaborate under deadlines & production constraints.


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