Angry Seyi Vibez Fans St0nes Portable During His Performance At The Same Stadium Seyi Vibez Was Booked For

Angry Seyi Vibez fans st0nes Portable during his performance

Angry Seyi Vibez Fans st0nes Portable during his performance at the same stadium Seyi Vibez was Booked to perform…


Nigerian Street singer Portable had an unfortunate att@ck while performing at a venue booked for both he and Seyi Vibez. The incident which has people talking and making buzz online, now has many sympathizing with the singer. As angry Seyi Vibez fans st0nes Portable during his performance.


According to videos making rounds online which shows Portable dodging items thrown at him from the crowd. During the #NaijaSuper8 finals. Although many people blame him for always saying things against fellow colleagues which was the result of his att@ck.


While Portable was stoned during his performance, Seyi on the other hand was welcomed with cheers during his performance. Meanwhile Netizens have taken to social media to air their opinion.


@okm_herbal: “That was wrong, he was there to perform. Why st0ne him? Even if they felt his art doesn’t meet there standard, this is not the best way to go about it. But like I’ve said, Portable is not a worthy example, we can see the evidence in the audience reaction”

@domesco_199x: “Portable caused this h@tred to himself, at first nobody h@ted him. But when he keeps capping anyhow in the internet that’s why people started h@ting him. I just wish he can just change because with time it won’t be funny to him anymore”

@instaview9ja: “Seyi Vibez is bigger than Portable normally!!! Portable na cl0ut chaser”

@teejay_zaddy: “You can’t mess with Seyi Vibez and go Scot free”


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Watch the turn of events here

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