American Rapper Kanye West To Pay $200k Monthly On Child Support

Kanye to pay $200k on child support

Kanye West on $200k child support, the rapper have been ordered by court to pay his ex wife Kim Kardashian $200k

per month for child support.

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The American rapper and business mogul Kanye West is a father of four children and an ex husband to reality TV star Kim

Kardashian, who is a multi millionaire herself. Following their divorce settlement, the rapper has been ordered

to pay his ex wife $200k for monthly child support.


The rapper and reality TV star will have shared custody of their children, and neither will pay the other for spousal

support as stated on the document filed in the Los Angeles superior court.


According to the settlement proposal, the former couple will split every other expenses for the kids such as private

school, private security, college etc.


The document also stated that they will both have to consult each other on major decision concerning their children’s welfare.


The New York post reported that Kanye is expected to pay $200k a month in child support because the children will spend

majority of their time with ex wife Kim Kardashian.


The settlement also indicated that the couple will each pay their own debts and keep their properties separately, following

the prenuptial agreement.


The couple started dating in 2012 and has their first child in 2013. Kanye proposed in the later part of 2013, in the most

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romantic way using the waterfront ballpark of San Francisco. And the two got married on the 24th of May 2014 in Florence, Italy.


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