All Men Are Cheats- Rapper Blueface Tells Women

All men are cheats

All men are cheats, American rapper Blue Face is letting women in on some hidden secrets


The Black American Rapper popularly known as Blueface reveals in a recent interview that all men are cheats. According to him, every man any lady has ever been with has in one way or another cheated on her.


According to him, ch3ating is a man thing and every guy has cheated on their ex or current partner. He further revealed that it’s one hundred per cent sure that those currently in relationships are cheating on their partners. Adding to that he claims that men are hunters, and they’re not going to disclose everything they’ve hunted but its facts.


The rapper buttressed that loyalty and love can’t be equated. Stating that he might be cheating but he would make sure his partner is good and taken care of. And that to him is loyalty, being there for you at all times because you can’t control people. Because at the end of the day, they’re going to do what they want to do.


Adding to his statement, he gave ladies done advice, saying “The answer is not to cheat back ladies’s the answer is to be as solid as possible to THE man that’s WORTH compromising for which will win him over emotionally you can get a man to stop cheating by making him FEEL/realize it’s not worth it but once upon a time he has cheated 100%”.

All men are cheats

According to him, the way to make a man stop cheating isn’t to cheat back. But to make him realize it’s not worth it, by being solid and faithful. Do you agree??

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