Adekunle Gold Wows His European Fans By Flipping His Afrobeat Hit Song To EDM

Adekunle Gold wows his European fans

Adekunle Gold wows his European Fans by Flipping his Afrobeat Hit song to Electronic Dance Music…


Adekunle Gold wows his European fans. The Nigerian superstar and former YBNL signee professionally known by his stage name Adekunle Gold, set his show abl@ze with his performance. The singer caught the attention of his European fans at the 2023 Roskilde festival when he flipped his hit single ‘High’.


According to an observer who noticed the brilliant work of the singer and how he was able to transition his music to suit his audience. The singer flipped his normal Afrobeat song to an electronic dance music and the audience went agog.


Meanwhile, many are giving Adekunle his flowers for his creative thinking which is evident in how easy he transitions. According to the fan who made the quick observation, noted that Whyte people love their EDM even if they don’t understand the lyrics.


In her words however, “This is so smart cos we all know whyte people love their “oontz oontz” music. So even if they don’t know the song, as long as the oontz is there, they’re jamming”.

Adekunle Gold wows his European fans









And many totally agree, stating that it takes a multidimensional artist to be that creative. Since the video went viral many have expressed their thoughts;

@Y.C: “This is their Amapiano”

@Mikael C Bernard: “I remember going to an electric music night club and I was wondering if everyone was okay. They don’t play with that music”

@Midas_touch: “And this is why the Nigerian artists stay winning! Did u see what our guys did at the Afro nation stage? Play back nkooa, no creativity, nothing! Just look at what AG did with his song, tweaked it to suit his audience and they enjoyed it. This so what we expect from our guys”


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Watch how Adekunle wowed the crowd here

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