50 Cent Accused of Deliberately Targeting Woman in Mic Throwing Incident at LA Show

50 cent

Rapper 50 Cent faces allegations of intentionally harming a woman during his LA concert.

In a shocking turn of events, rapper 50 Cent Accused of Deliberately Targeting Woman in Mic Throwing Incident during a recent concert in Los Angeles. The incident occurred on Wednesday, August 30, during the performance at Power 106 radio host Bryhana Monegain’s event.

Mic Mishap at 50 Cent’s Concert

According to TMZ, Bryhana Monegain, the radio host, was struck in the head by the microphone thrown by the rapper. The incident took place after 50 Cent had experienced several issues with malfunctioning microphones during his set. While he doesn’t deny tossing the microphone, his lawyer, Scott Leemon, stated that he would never intentionally harm anyone with it.

A Hospitalization and a Police Report

Bryhana Monegain filed a police report the same night, alleging that 50 Cent deliberately targeted her as he looked directly at her before throwing the microphone. Consequently, it was argued that he knew she was present. The incident resulted in the radio host being hospitalized due to a laceration on her head.

A Troubling Trend As 50 Cent Accused of Deliberately Targeting Woman in Mic Throwing Incident 

This incident is just one example of a troubling trend involving fans throwing objects at artists during performances. Earlier this summer, pop star Bebe Rexha fell to her knees after being struck in the face by a mobile phone thrown by a concertgoer. The incident required stitches above her eye.

Similarly, rapper Drake was targeted in July when an object, later revealed to be a mobile phone, hit him during a performance in Chicago. While Cardi B allegedly threw a microphone towards a fan, the battery case against her was dropped last month.

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50 Cent’s Appearance Complaint

In other news, 50 Cent voiced displeasure about his poster for “The Expendables 4,” citing concerns about his detached head. The investigation into the microphone incident involving the rapper is ongoing, with potential consequences yet to be determined.

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