Music debates in the Nigerian industry are common, especially when it comes to comparing Wizkid and Davido. However, the conversation about music greatness goes beyond charts, awards, and accolades. It delves deep into the essence of musical artistry and talent.

The Nigerian Musical Realm

Nigeria’s music realm has witnessed exceptional talents like 2baba Idibia, Burna Boy, and Wande Coal. Their musical abilities stand out, setting them apart in a league of their own. Yet, discussing their talents exclusively disregards the others’ achievements.

2baba Idibia & Burna Boy: Pinnacles of Pure Musical Talent

Both 2baba and Burna Boy have displayed an unparalleled range within the Nigerian music landscape. 2baba’s versatility spans across various genres—from hip-hop and R&B to reggae and highlife—accompanied by a powerful vocal prowess. His music, even after years, remains relevant and impactful, reflecting his lyrical brilliance.


Burna Boy’s artistic repertoire is just as extensive. His ability to seamlessly transition between genres, incorporating rap, ragga, dancehall, and afrofusion, showcases an extraordinary musical talent. Furthermore, Burna’s lyrical prowess positions him as the most versatile and lyrically sound modern-day Nigerian artiste.

Looking Beyond Today’s Music

When examining these artists, one can foresee a lasting legacy. Burna Boy’s music, deeply resonating with audiences, appears timeless, unlike some of his peers, which may fade from memory over time.


The musical prowess of both 2baba Idibia and Burna Boy transcends eras, showcasing their influence and talent. While their paths have differed, their lasting impact remains undeniable.

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Let’s keep the conversation going—weighing in on the musical legacy, influence, and talent that define these exceptional artists.

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