“2 Years Ago I Was In a Low Point”- Music Producer Pheelz Reveals

I was at a low point Pheelz reveals

I was at a low point Pheelz reveals, the talented producer recently opened up about being so broke he couldn’t afford bottled water


I was at a low point Pheelz reveals. The Nigerian producer and musician revealed in a recent interview with Rolling stone some of his struggles. According to Pheelz, it got so bad that he couldn’t even afford bottled water. He also revealed that his girlfriend of five years broke up with him.


The singer revealed that despite producing some of Africa’s biggest hits, in 2021 he got so broke that he could afford bottled water. But after his smash single ‘Finesse’ surprisingly became a global hit, his life took a better turn. Despite being released in Nigeria, the song gained global traction in various other countries. Social media went crazy with the sound and it was on every speaker.


Pheelz revealed that his career found a new life after that song, and it’s been amazing since then. In a follow-up tweet after the interview, he posted  ‘it goes to show that life happens to everyone’. Adding that this is the most he has ever shared in an interview. And that he feels his anxiety kicking in from how much he revealed.


It’s surprising to know the extent of people’s struggle if they don’t open up to share their experiences. Pheelz has experienced the best of both worlds and is glad to have made it out on the better side of life. The track ‘Finesse’ will always be a jam.

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